U.S. Coating Company located in central South Carolina is a 20 year provider of decorative surfaces, manufacturing eco-friendly solid color Electron Beam (EB) cured coatings on paper substrates.   Our products are used in laminating applications for the following industries:    Furniture, Store Fixtures, Dri Erase, Shelving, Kitchen Cabinets, Manufactured Housing, Profile Wrapping, Industrial, Electrical and many others.   Coatings used in our manufacturing process are engineered to meet the durability and surface requirement needs of our customer base.

With short lead times, our stocking program and custom run productions, can cover a multitude of solid color laminate requirements from low to high gloss and stipple surfaces.

Since the beginning, U.S. Coating has built business based on value, quality, integrity and service in the laminated panel marketplace.  Give us a try and let us show you what we can do for your company.

'Decorative Paper Coating Specialists'